DFG SPP 1984 Hybrid and multimodal energy systems

  • Multimodal Distribution Grid Control for the Decentralized Provision of Ancillary Services

Project description

Today, transmission and distribution grid operators ensure quality, security and reliability of the electrical power supply by continuous monitoring and ongoing interventions in the power system management in order to keep grid frequency, voltage and load of power grid equipment within the permissible limits. Voltage and frequency stability are so-called ancillary services which are provided mainly by large power plants. Due to changes in the energy mix towards more renewable energy sources (RES) and therefore the increasing amount of electrical energy production within the distribution grid, ancillary services have to be provided in future more and more by these decentralized energy suppliers as well as by intelligent storage systems and energy consumers.The project presented in this proposal investigates a novel approach for a stable decentralized control of multimodal energy grids. Thereby, the focus is on distribution grids consisting of several coupled energy domains (e.g. electrical, gas, heat). Control techniques shall be developed for these grids to provide ancillary services besides their primary function of supplying loads. Herein, a decentralized cellular approach will be pursued. The term energy cell describes an autonomous area consisting of grids with power generation and consumers of different energy domains. Furthermore, individual cells are coupled and are connected to a large superordinate network, i.e. this project does not investigate islanded energy grids. So-called cell coordinators act as game-theoretical controllers, which negotiate exchange of power with adjacent cells and provide parameters to subordinate controllers of the cascaded controller structure within their respective cell. The game-theoretical control of different multimodal energy cells and their interaction with each other is completely unexplored.The long-time experience of the IEH in the field of electrical power grids and the competences of the IRS required for system-theoretical analysis complement one another optimally in order to perform quantitative and qualitative investigations on such a cellular energy system structure and their control scheme.


Principal Investigators:

Prof. Dr. Sören Hohmann

Prof. Dr. Thomas Leibfried

Homepage: http://www.spp1984.de/


Involved Persons:

, Dr.-Ing. M. Suriyah, Prof. Dr.-Ing. T. Leibfried